Resolution Rules


Web graphics should be high-resolution. PNG is the preferred raster format. Raster graphics contain pixel values within a rectangular grid. They are used for more complicated graphics, but when scaled up, can appear jagged at the corners.

Vector graphics use lines, points and polygons to represent an image and can be resized without losing resolution.

Questionable Content


Web content should be creative to draw in clients. Web pages should contain keywords that identify the website for search engines. Sentences should be short and to-the-point.

Blog headlines with teasers ignite curiosity and bring in clients from social media sites. Blog posts should be updated several times per week, driving traffic with fresh content.

Above the Fold


Clean, simple layouts with user-friendly features will enhance the marketability of your website. Avoid color fatigue by using black and white with a few color accents. Fonts that are simple and functional are easier to read than handwriting fonts and scripts, as they can be overdone.

A strong logo along with a captivating hero image will draw in clients.  Be consistent in your graphics. A good balance between content, white space and column widths are integral to strong presentation.